Housing Examples

Below are diverse options of housing examples needed to meet the lifestyle and budget of residents and future residents of Northeast Wisconsin.

*information gathered from Fox Cities and Greater Outagamie County Regional Housing Regional Housing Strategy.

“Traditional” Single-family Housing

Traditionally, most view single-family housing as a residential unit which does not share any walls with another dwelling unit. Typically, a single-family detached home is represented by a single unit on its own legal lot, but there are some exceptions. For example, a detached accessory dwelling unit could be located on a larger lot which already has an existing single-family detached (primary) home.

Small lot homes
Zero lot line homes

Alternate Single-family Housing for the “Missing Middle”

Missing middle housing is a range of housing which is compatible in scale and form to detached traditional single-family homes. The examples below widen the options for those who would like to own their home, but need more options for their lifestyle and budget.

Single-family attached homes
Cottage cluster homes
Manufactured homes


Options needed to continue to fit budgets, lifestyle and life transitions. Multi-family properties allow for shared spaces, experiences and other benefits to the occupants.

Triplexes and Quadplexes
Upper/Lower Apartments

Other Needed Housing Types

  • Senior living communities: A retirement or age-restricted community, which typically include one more residential buildings forming a complex, and which often contain shared indoor/outdoor spaces for socializing.
  • Assisted-living facilities: a housing facility for people who cannot or who choose not to live independently.
  • Live/work units: a single unit such as a studio or one bedroom consisting of both a commercial component as well as a residential component, in which the unit is the primary dwelling of the occupant. Perfect for interns.
  • Tiny homes: Small structures built on its own lot or shared communities.
  • Transitional housing: a supportive, but temporary, form of accommodation that is meant to bridge the gap from homelessness to permanent housing.
  • Accessible housing: referring to ADA-accessible housing, in which the unit contains attributes such as single floor living, no step entries, wide hallways/doors, etc. Accessible housing is more of housing characteristic, rather than a housing type.